the felted ewe

12 Jun

In keeping with the beginnings of my felting hobby, the first website I bought supplies from was the felted ewe, a needle felting focused website.ย Cleverly titled and full of everything the needle felter needs. It’s a complete website with supplies, kits, wool felt and books. It’s very safe to order from and the shipping is swift.

I love the roving colors and to quote the site, “Beginners find all of our fibers the easiest for them to work with & advanced needle felters can’t get enough of them!”. I have to concur; they felt lovely. One of my other favorites from this site is the wooden single needle holder.

I know it’s so simple but it really helps with grip and you can color code them for all your needle sizes. Which is easier to do then trying to paint the ends of all your needles! The needle selection from this site is stellar. 6 different types of needle sizes so you have have a full spread for each part of your felting endeavor.

In my anatomical heart post I mentioned that I bought the pumpkin felting kit from this site, linked here. Pumpkins are super super easy and are the perfect starting project. You can crank them out and get instant gratification. Here’s my little pumpkin patch!

And here is a blue bird that I made for my boyfriend’s mother using the blue bicycle color roving and some of the left over pumpkin orange that I had.


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  1. Mina June 15, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    really beautiful blog. I’m so glad you found me so I could find you!

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