needle felted humpback whales

29 Jun

Humpback whales are magnificent creatures. So beautiful and graceful. My friend at work asked me to make her a humpback whale, so I made a pod! I made these by just looking at different humpback whale pictures on the internet.
This is what the whale core looks like. Working with a core allows you to keep a similar shape and size when trying to make identical items. I kept calling them whale larva!

This a great over view picture of my materials used and a before and after shot. I blended different color wools with a hand carder to get the color that I wanted. I used a bright blue, black and gray for the bulk of the whale. The pleated area was just white and gray.

This is a before and after tail shot. It’s amazing to see how much it shrinks in size.

You can really see all the different colors in the “whale fur” in this picture. I love the little bumps on the mouth! ย These whales can be used as plastic free children’s toys or even artfully mounted as a statue!


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