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first etsy order

20 Jan

This is a quick post. I got my first etsy order! It was a customer order of a beluga whale. It’e for the customers 2 year old grandson who adores whales. I loved whales growing up too, so I was excited to do this as my first order. I grew up in southern California and spent a fair amount of time at sea world. ย I used several different whale pictures I found off the internet as a model. I hope he likes it and gets years of fun out of this cute whale.



fancy tiger etsy shop & anatomical heart project

5 Jun

The first needle felting project that I did was a kit I bought from fancy tiger etsy shop. It was the anatomical heart kit. I love anatomica and ย couldn’t wait to get it in the mail! This was back in 2009. Fancy Tiger has many more cute felting kits (and stitching kits). They all come with wool, needle, tiny foam pad and directions. They are perfect for the first time felter or as gifts to any of your felting friends.

Needless to say, I had no idea what I was doing. The directions in the box were great…but handling a felting needle for the first time can be dangerous business. After several finder stabs and broken needles later… my piece was finished. It’s next to a pumpkin, my second project. I wanted to follow up with something simple that I could make a lot of to get more practice.

Not to shabby! The pumpkin kit is from the felted eweย website. What did I learned from my first felting experience? Take it slow and watch your fingers. I could feel, even in my first projects, that I was going to have a love of felting for a very long time. ย There is something very magical about the felting process. Even when you read other felter’s sites and blogs we all tend to agree that it’s an awesome and addictive feeling you get when working with wool.

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