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first etsy order

20 Jan

This is a quick post. I got my first etsy order! It was a customer order of a beluga whale. It’e for the customers 2 year old grandson who adores whales. I loved whales growing up too, so I was excited to do this as my first order. I grew up in southern California and spent a fair amount of time at sea world.  I used several different whale pictures I found off the internet as a model. I hope he likes it and gets years of fun out of this cute whale.



felted lambs for baby mobile

20 Oct

I was commissioned by my friend Laura to felt 5 little lambs so she and her husband could turn them into a mobile for the little girl they are expecting. She wanted 4 white and 1 black.

Here is the core wool shape. If you are having a hard time with your core or shaping of animals I recommend getting the book Little Felted Animals. It really helps you get perspective on making good cores.

The whole family together! I really like how each one has there own expressions and hairdos! I used cotswold locks form LaTeaDaDesigns. For the eyes I used glass beads with wire ends and for extra support I used fast grab glue.

A close up of little black’s face. I used a different darker pink of the cheeks of this one. The light pink looked weird on the black. The locks were dyed black and the believe the black was purple based. There are some cool tiny purple pockets that come out.

I hope Laura enjoys these little guys as much as I do. My boyfriend’s mom can’t get over how cute they are. She even told me she tried counted sheep the other night to fall asleep and imagined these little ones! Check out Laura’s blog about her pregnancy and she what her journeys all about : young, broke, and pregnant.


needle felted humpback whales

29 Jun

Humpback whales are magnificent creatures. So beautiful and graceful. My friend at work asked me to make her a humpback whale, so I made a pod! I made these by just looking at different humpback whale pictures on the internet.
This is what the whale core looks like. Working with a core allows you to keep a similar shape and size when trying to make identical items. I kept calling them whale larva!

This a great over view picture of my materials used and a before and after shot. I blended different color wools with a hand carder to get the color that I wanted. I used a bright blue, black and gray for the bulk of the whale. The pleated area was just white and gray.

This is a before and after tail shot. It’s amazing to see how much it shrinks in size.

You can really see all the different colors in the “whale fur” in this picture. I love the little bumps on the mouth!  These whales can be used as plastic free children’s toys or even artfully mounted as a statue!

wet felting first attempt

17 Jun

This is my first attempt in wet felting. It’s meant to be a cobweb scarf, although I think I fulled it more than I was supposed too. I left holes in the scarf so I had different places to pull the other end through. That allowed me to play with different ways of wearing it. I bought the roving for this at the maryland sheep and wool festival, but I don’t remember what the color combo was called.

Wet felting is definitely a different beast compared to needle felting. With needle felting I can work on it a little here and there, put in just 5 minutes a day if I want too. When you start a wet felting project you have to commit time into doing it and you should’t rush it. I enjoyed creating this scarf and hope that that I can become as talented as some of the other wet felt textile artists out there!

little felted animals book

7 Jun

Little felted animals by Marie-Nöelle Horvath was the first needle felting book that I bought. It has diagrams for each animal and they are to scale (which is very helpful for the beginner). This book is a must have. It has several different animals to choose from and they are just so adorable! It’s great for learning proportions and core shapes. You can also adapt the diagrams to make other animals not featured in the book. The photography throughout the book is just lovely. You just want to make them all!

I made the koala and penguin  from this book. The cuteness factor is undeniable.

The platypus isn’t in the book, but I just wanted to show an example of an adaptation.

fancy tiger etsy shop & anatomical heart project

5 Jun

The first needle felting project that I did was a kit I bought from fancy tiger etsy shop. It was the anatomical heart kit. I love anatomica and  couldn’t wait to get it in the mail! This was back in 2009. Fancy Tiger has many more cute felting kits (and stitching kits). They all come with wool, needle, tiny foam pad and directions. They are perfect for the first time felter or as gifts to any of your felting friends.

Needless to say, I had no idea what I was doing. The directions in the box were great…but handling a felting needle for the first time can be dangerous business. After several finder stabs and broken needles later… my piece was finished. It’s next to a pumpkin, my second project. I wanted to follow up with something simple that I could make a lot of to get more practice.

Not to shabby! The pumpkin kit is from the felted ewe website. What did I learned from my first felting experience? Take it slow and watch your fingers. I could feel, even in my first projects, that I was going to have a love of felting for a very long time.  There is something very magical about the felting process. Even when you read other felter’s sites and blogs we all tend to agree that it’s an awesome and addictive feeling you get when working with wool.

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