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marlene’s felting madness

21 Jun

This site is awesome! It has items for needle felting, but delivers more for wet felting. First reason I love this site is because it has a wet felting tool kit. When I wanted to start wet felting I had a hard time figuring out how I was going to get a rolling mat, mesh and a rolling bar. I wanted to use a solar pool cover piece, but didn’t want to have to buy the whole thing! Marlene’s saved the day!

It comes in two different sizes, so all your project sizes are covered. Marlene’s also carries an excellent assortment of wool colors. I spent my fair my share of money at her booth at the maryland sheep and wool festival this year. Unfortunately some of the color choices on the site do not have a picture linked up to them. Β You can order nuno felting fabric from the site as well as silk throwers waste for embellishments.

The site also has a free needle and wet feting tutorial. The needle felting one is for a lady bug and the wet felting one is for a little pouch. There is also a link to some of her own creations. I just love this one! It’s called “Signs of Life Series: Confusion, Dilemma & Narrow-Mindedness”. Excellent representation.

Marlene’s felting madness is a great resource for supplies and inspiration. And make sure you look at her checklist to see if you’ve come down with a caseΒ felting madness.

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