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first etsy order

20 Jan

This is a quick post. I got my first etsy order! It was a customer order of a beluga whale. It’e for the customers 2 year old grandson who adores whales. I loved whales growing up too, so I was excited to do this as my first order. I grew up in southern California and spent a fair amount of time at sea world.  I used several different whale pictures I found off the internet as a model. I hope he likes it and gets years of fun out of this cute whale.



Woah! Let’s try this again.

25 Sep

Ok – It’s been awhile. I know, I know. But considering from my last post I’ve moved twice, and the second time was to another state (Maryland to Tennessee) I think you’ll understand. I’m looking for a job right now, but with all this free time I have come back to crafting and felting. I’m so glad I have found my way back.  I am currently working on a flock of sheep for a friend to make into a mobile for her little baby girl! Once I get my wool locks in the mail I will take pictures to post  the progressions of making these little guys.

I also went to the 2012 maryland sheep and wool festival and took a felted dying class with Chad Alice Hagen! It was amazing. Pictures of that to follow soon too.

But until those posts enjoy this little video of sheep making art themselves. Those crafty beasts.

maryland sheep and wool festival ’11

3 Jun

I went to my first sheep and wool festival in May. It was fantastic. There was a fair amount of felting items, but more so with spinning and knitting. I enjoyed seeing all of the different sheep and spending lots of money on roving! Oh, the color choices! There was a booth set up for New England Felting Supply, but I spent most of my money at Marlene’s Felting Madness. I can’t wait to go again next year. They also have felting classes you can take the week before the festival. I missed the deadline this year, but will definitely  sign up in time next year.

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