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Woah! Let’s try this again.

25 Sep

Ok – It’s been awhile. I know, I know. But considering from my last post I’ve moved twice, and the second time was to another state (Maryland to Tennessee) I think you’ll understand. I’m looking for a job right now, but with all this free time I have come back to crafting and felting. I’m so glad I have found my way back.  I am currently working on a flock of sheep for a friend to make into a mobile for her little baby girl! Once I get my wool locks in the mail I will take pictures to post  the progressions of making these little guys.

I also went to the 2012 maryland sheep and wool festival and took a felted dying class with Chad Alice Hagen! It was amazing. Pictures of that to follow soon too.

But until those posts enjoy this little video of sheep making art themselves. Those crafty beasts.


featured artist : vital temptation

14 Jan

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When I first saw vital temptations work I was awe struck. Bold, whimsical, and flowing.  This is the type of felting that I love and would love to create. I was inspired to say the least. I actually created this blog after I saw her items for the first time.  She does have her own blog : http://vitaltemptation.blogspot.com. Also an ETSY shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/VitalTemptation. Vital temptation is one of my all time favorite felters. The above pictures are from her etsy shop. I hope you enjoy and are inspired by her items as much as I am.

needle felted humpback whales

29 Jun

Humpback whales are magnificent creatures. So beautiful and graceful. My friend at work asked me to make her a humpback whale, so I made a pod! I made these by just looking at different humpback whale pictures on the internet.
This is what the whale core looks like. Working with a core allows you to keep a similar shape and size when trying to make identical items. I kept calling them whale larva!

This a great over view picture of my materials used and a before and after shot. I blended different color wools with a hand carder to get the color that I wanted. I used a bright blue, black and gray for the bulk of the whale. The pleated area was just white and gray.

This is a before and after tail shot. It’s amazing to see how much it shrinks in size.

You can really see all the different colors in the “whale fur” in this picture. I love the little bumps on the mouth!  These whales can be used as plastic free children’s toys or even artfully mounted as a statue!

needle felted work by ray cannon

24 Jun

I found this while stumbling on stumbleupon. They are fantastic! Unfortunately, I can’t find out any more information on Ray Cannon or picture’s of his work. But click the pictures to link up to the websites that I found. If anyone out there as any more info on this guy let me know! His detail is great and I just love his modern “subjects”. Very cool indeed.

marlene’s felting madness

21 Jun

This site is awesome! It has items for needle felting, but delivers more for wet felting. First reason I love this site is because it has a wet felting tool kit. When I wanted to start wet felting I had a hard time figuring out how I was going to get a rolling mat, mesh and a rolling bar. I wanted to use a solar pool cover piece, but didn’t want to have to buy the whole thing! Marlene’s saved the day!

It comes in two different sizes, so all your project sizes are covered. Marlene’s also carries an excellent assortment of wool colors. I spent my fair my share of money at her booth at the maryland sheep and wool festival this year. Unfortunately some of the color choices on the site do not have a picture linked up to them.  You can order nuno felting fabric from the site as well as silk throwers waste for embellishments.

The site also has a free needle and wet feting tutorial. The needle felting one is for a lady bug and the wet felting one is for a little pouch. There is also a link to some of her own creations. I just love this one! It’s called “Signs of Life Series: Confusion, Dilemma & Narrow-Mindedness”. Excellent representation.

Marlene’s felting madness is a great resource for supplies and inspiration. And make sure you look at her checklist to see if you’ve come down with a case felting madness.

wet felting first attempt

17 Jun

This is my first attempt in wet felting. It’s meant to be a cobweb scarf, although I think I fulled it more than I was supposed too. I left holes in the scarf so I had different places to pull the other end through. That allowed me to play with different ways of wearing it. I bought the roving for this at the maryland sheep and wool festival, but I don’t remember what the color combo was called.

Wet felting is definitely a different beast compared to needle felting. With needle felting I can work on it a little here and there, put in just 5 minutes a day if I want too. When you start a wet felting project you have to commit time into doing it and you should’t rush it. I enjoyed creating this scarf and hope that that I can become as talented as some of the other wet felt textile artists out there!

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